Top 5 UK job sites for finding an instant job

Online searches are one of the most exploited methods that job seekers perform to find employment opportunities with job boards topping the list. Being a recruitment agency in the past seven years, we have adapted the way we advertise our jobs and we have become very familiar with these job search sites therefore, we would like to share some information with you on where you can find jobs near you if the agency isn’t able to help. 
These job boards have implemented marketing strategies, keyword and location based searching tools and many more to stand out from the crowd so that you have a good experience when going trough some stressful time of being unemployed. 
Having the industry knowledge and knowing the job boards’ performance from the recruitment perspective, we have chosen the top 5 UK job sites that is worth registering with when you are looking for a job. 


Indeed, is the most popular job site in the world with a whopping 250 million unique visitors worldwide each month. This means that there are more jobs available on the site compare to other job boards but there is also a higher level of competition. 
Indeed, has a good search function which gives you the opportunity to filter jobs by location, job titles, keywords and it is pretty simple to use. You can create a profile on Indeed where you can upload your CV, which makes the applying process much faster. You can add company reviews which future employers can view too. 

Why should you use Indeed?

  • It is the largest UK job board site with 10 jobs being added every second. 

Keyword feature allows you to easily sort through a plethora of jobs. 

  • You can create a job seeker profile which allows you to upload your CV and apply for jobs much quicker. 


Totaljobs is the best site for you to access a high volume of vacancies with its simple ‘One Click Apply’ feature. With the ability to set a travel distance, Totaljobs really allows you to find as many vacancies at a fast rate. 
Totaljobs has recently partnered with Jobsite which has grown its audience massively with 6 million jobs seekers visiting the site each month. There is a minimum of 100,000 live job adverts on the site at any moment. 
However, Totaljobs is not just a site that jobseekers use for getting a job, there are blogs and videos with useful career advice written by recruitment specialists. Furthermore, Totaljobs has training courses across a wide range of industries, ranging from healthcare, bookkeeping, web design and project management. 

CV Library 

CV-Library was one of the first job board site in the UK, launched in 2000 by Lee Biggins because of his frustrations on the recruiting process. The website is unique as it promotes employers to find jobseekers that suit their business as well as job seekers finding new vacancies. 
job seekers can upload their CV, select their top skills and which sector they want to work in so employers can easily find them by the keywords. When you sign up with CV library, their notifications system is very accurate which stops the site from spamming your inbox with jobs that aren’y matching your skills. 
CV-Library runs an ‘Employer of the Month’ programme (We do to!) where companies can have their brand on the homepage for one week or one month in the style of an eye-catching advertisement. 

What is so good about CV Library? 

  • It allows job seekers to find jobs and employers to find new employees. 
  • It was one of the first job search sites. 
  • Their alert system is very accurate 
  • You can enable notifications for vacancies in the industry and based on the skills that you selected in your profile. 
  • ‘Employer of the Month’ programme which promotes the best companies to work for. 


With its database of over 25,000 companies, Reed, similar to Cv-library, is one of the oldest job search platforms in the UK and it is still improving and evolving into a platform for everything jobs related rather than just having vacancies on the site. Reed is the ideal job search site for job seekers who are looking to work for a specific company rather than a specific role. 
Reed is known for its ‘Love Mondays’ multi-channel marketing campaign which asks you to explore exactly what it means to love you job. The job board had a TV advertisement broadcasted on ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 and have advertised their website along the pitch of a BBC broadcasted FA Cup clash. 
Reed’s website is filled with helpful courses and training possibilities, aimed at candidates who want to improve their employability and skills set. These are worth a look at if you are looking to up-skill your abilities or if you are wanting to work in a different industry. 


Monster’s unique selling point is the opportunity that gives recruiters to post their job advertisements on Instagram and Facebook. With social media being one of the biggest sources of recruitment, Monster is a favourite of some of the world’s biggest companies such as Amazon, UPS, and IBM. Monster’s website also has career advice written by specialists in their field and helpful tools such a salary calculator, blogs about changing your career path and CV templates that job seekers can use. 

What unique features does Monster have? 

  • Instant social media job application 
  • Allows recruiters to create video job descriptions
  • Helpful tools and blogs written by specialists
  • Allows employers and recruiters to post their job advertisements onto social media sites

Have we missed anything? 
Have you used a site that is not on this list, but it is worth recommending? 
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